The Mission Project for the month of September for Martin Luther Church was a brand new experience for this church. Earlier this year, the Mission Team researched ways MLC could help in countries where fresh, clean water was not available. Compassion International, a top-rated charity organization, was picked to work with on this mission.

Compassion partners with churches in 26 different countries where more people need to ministered to and come to know Jesus. Many of these areas do not have clean water to drink, cook with, or bathe. The only water available may taste of algae, smell of sulfur, be murky and dirty, not to mention be filled with diseases. Compassion International teaches children and their families how to use a specially designed filter to make the water clean again.   Compassion’s Water of Life system consists of two buckets and a hose, filter, connector, and a syringe that’s used periodically used for rinsing the filter with clean water.  Each filter is made up of tiny micro tubes with pores hundreds of times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. These pores remove deadly bacteria and allow only clean water to pass through for drinking. The filter effectively eliminates cholera, typhoid, E. coli, amoebic dysentery, and many other bacterial contaminants.  A simple Water For Life filter, with proper periodical cleaning, is designed to work for 1 million gallons!  Water filters cost $79 each.

Martin Luther Church members placed this need as their priority during the month of September. With donations of $3160 we are able to buy 40 filters which Compassion International will use in their efforts to provide more families and areas with safe, clean water.

Want to know more about The Water of Life Project through Compassion International?   You can watch compilation of Water of Life videos provided by Compassion International right here: