Current Mission Projects – Love Packages!

Do you know that in some international communities, a Bible would cost the average villager a year’s wage? “Love Packages” ships 1,000 tons of new and used Christian literature overseas every year to people who are hungry for God’s word. John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” God loved us through the birth of His Son (His WORD) so that we may ha eternity with Him. Truly there is no greater way for us to love another than to share God and His love through His word. All used Christian literature is welcome (except fiction). It can be written in and in any condition; they sort through it all. List of needed materials: Bibles, Christian magazines and devotionals (the Daily Bread), Bible study materials, used and leftover Sunday School materials, and nonfiction Christian books (adult and children). It is estimated that each piece sent abroad is read by 20 people. Share the love and bring your new and used materials to church so that the power of God’s word can touch the hearts of others. For further encouragement and information, check out their story: https:/lovepackages.org.  Donations may be left in the church narthex. The collection period will be extended into April (or later if needed). 

Noisy Offering

Each Sunday, the children collect “Noisy Offering” during the worship offering time. The collection of coins from churchgoers and the clinking sound made in the large metal bowl as the children drop what they’ve gathered bring smiles to both the children and the adults. This year the children of MLC Sunday School decided to begin sponsoring two children in need through the Compassion International Program with the funds collected thru the Noisy Offering.

Compassion International works in 25 countries around the world, partnering with local churches. At the Compassion Child Development Center ran by the local church and volunteers, a sponsored child is provided with Bible studies, health screenings, health and hygiene educations, games, community service opportunities, counseling, and school fees. The center staff will also provide meetings and parenting education for the parents or guardians of the sponsored child.  

Our Sunday School children are sponsoring Milkah from Kenya and Lawrence from Uganda.  They look forward to the relationship they will be building and the encouragement they provide Milkah and Lawrence who are half-way around the world!  The Sunday School children also remember Milkah and Lawrence in their prayers!

BackPack Program

MLC has been a long time supporter of the local BackPack programs at Johnson-Brock Public School and Johnson County Central School. The BackPack Program’s mission is to help alleviate child hunger in southeast Nebraska by providing hungry children with nutritious and easy to prepare food at times when other resources are not available, such as weekends and school vacations. Martin Luther Church regularly supports the BackPack Program at different times of the year by designated offerings, proceeds from our annual consignment sale, and special projects; as well as by members’ volunteer time.


The “Sewing Ladies” are another proud organization of the church. They meet weekly except during the summer to sew, tie and/or quilt pieces of fabric together into beautiful blankets that are then sent through Lutheran World Relief to people in need, to local charity organizations, and to local care homes. These past several years, the ladies have graced our young people graduating from high school with blankets to take with them wherever they may venture, remembering along the way the warm memories of growing up in the Martin Luther Church family.