The element of surprise was essential as George Washington led his troops toward British-occupied Trenton, New Jersey. That surprise was jeopardized when a farmer, loyal to the British cause, detected the revolutionaries’ advance. The farmer rushed to warn Colonel Johann Rall, who commanded the Hessian mercenaries. The farmer was prevented from seeing the colonel because the officer was involved in a Christmas party and did not wish to be disturbed. Instead, the informant sent a note to Rall, but he stuffed it unexamined into his pocket.

Washington’s offensive proceeded with the element of surprise intact. In the ensuing battle, the mercenaries were soundly defeated and their careless commander was mortally wounded. When he finally read the note, he sighed, “If I had read this, I would not be here.”

Consider the life-giving words of Scripture.

Consider the two options of eternity.

Consider the less desirable of those two options.

Re-read Colonel Rall’s dying words.

~ Ken Tubbesing