How then shall we live?

After Martin Luther had finished explaining a passage of scripture in a sermon or a lecture, he would ask this question: How then shall we live?

Truth had been revealed to Luther’s parishioners or students. They had been enlightened, but the work was only half done. How then shall we live?

What remained was the hard part. The audience, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, had to apply that newly acquired truth to their lives. They were called to allow that truth to make a difference in their belief and their behavior. How then shall we live?

Look back to February 14, Ash Wednesday. We began Lent by the confession of sin and the imposition of ashes. We pledged ourselves to self-inventory and repentance. Then, there was Lent itself when each evening we considered the spiritual benchmark—Have I pleased God today? And we contemplated the events of Holy Week. Then Holy Week itself. On Palm Sunday, we experienced the hope and joy of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. Three young people entered the church through Confirmation. As a congregation, we witnessed their promises and our hearts were warmed as they received Holy Communion with their families. On Maundy Thursday, we recalled Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples. A meal of remembrance was observed on Good Friday. Easter morning! We rejoiced in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We received the promise of Resurrection. We celebrated the love of God and new life in Christ. All
that has happened since February 14. How then shall we live?

No longer are we constrained by sin; We are forgiven. No longer are we hardened by hate And infected with indifference; We are moved to love. No longer do we burden ourselves with grudges; We are empowered by Christ to forgive. No longer are we guided by the values of this world; We live in the Kingdom of God.

No longer do we live for ourselves; We live for Christ. No longer are we motivated by greed; we display a generosity of spirit. We are raised from doubt to faith. All this has been accomplished by the grace of God and through our faith in Jesus Christ.

All because He has risen! He is risen indeed!
How then shall we live?
We live in a way that our manner of living proclaims Resurrection to the world. Thanks be to God!

-Ken Tubbesing