On Sunday, August 13th members of Martin Luther Church were happy to welcome the Walking in Faith 4 Christ Mission Team.  The team’s sponsors and youth members joined us for that service so they could share with us their experiences while serving at a work camp in East Moline, Illinois.  They had traveled there on July 16  and spent the week giving a boost to the residents in need.  Jon Pugh, a MLC member who served as a sponsor shared that the team traveling from Johnson was intermingled with youth and sponsors from all over the United States as they worked on projects of repair, painting, and building.  The Johnson group shared daily devotions together and then enjoyed meeting and working with their peers and sponsors from other areas of the country.  Jon shared his small group’s experience as they built a ramp for an impressive young girl who was wheel-chair bound.  The entire group of work campers shared daily worship together and a time was set aside for each group to have a fun experience with the Johnson group going roller skating and trying a local favorite establishment for treats.  The Johnson area youth and sponsors returned after a week of fulfilling experiences.  After their sharing time at the beginning of the service, Pastor Tubbesing asked them if they’d go again and their was an overwhelming “Yes” from all participants.  A successful mission trip while serving others in need while sharing and growing in the love of Jesus.   Thank you, to the mission team of youth and sponsors of WIF4C!