Back in 1985 some young ladies of Martin Luther Church decided that they’d like to form a new Circle.  They were in their 20’s and 30’s and anxious to have a group to study the Bible together.  The young ladies had similar interests – juggling jobs, young children, and becoming active in their communities and their church.  They were each young in their faith journey and didn’t realize what all lie ahead of them.  The only thing that was sure was that God was going to be with them wherever they went and whatever was before them.

Fast forward (yes, it did go fast) to thirty years later.  Those young ladies have gained much experience  and their faith journeys continue on together.  They’ve shared each others ups and downs and offered prayers of requests and thanks for each other.

On September 20, 2015 the group (although a few were missing) gathered for their annual outing with their husbands for an evening meal at the Gary and Jane Kuhl home.

The gals of the Tabitha Circle look forward to many years ahead of studying the Bible together and sharing in each other’s life and faith journeys.