Martin Luther Church has updated the worship area recently.  We are very excited to be able to use screens to enhance our services and events!


The April installation of TV screens, wiring and computer equipment in progress.

In early April, the sanctuary was buzzing with activity as the screens were installed at the front of the church and in the balcony,   In addition, the proper technical equipment was installed and fine-tuned to utilize the screens for worship and event activities.  MLC thanks the families of Dorothy Haack,  Richard Antholz,  Laura Ottemann,  Emma Nolte, Elvera Bohling, Arlan Holthus, and Lou Haack for the memorial funds donated and also the Thrivent Action Team utilized to help make this project a reality.


Kyle and Rachel, our tech gurus running the TV Screens.

Just in case you’re wondering – everything that shows up on the screen doesn’t just happen by magic.  Kyle and Rachel have been a big influence with the TV screens. Kyle researched all the TV equipment, built a computer for the church and makes sure everything is running smoothly on Sunday mornings. Rachel prepares all the services and all the fun announcements you see every Sunday morning.  During the service, they can be seen at the back of the church in control of what we see!

Also in April, a Thrivent Action Team was put into action enabling MLC to brighten up the sanctuary with a new type of lighting in the original fixtures.

April, 2016 053

Tyler Bohling installing new lighting.