“Why are Lutheran churches celebrating a 500 year-old event? What makes the Reformation timeless? The Protestant Reformation of the 1500’s, and still today, is about opposing whatever contradicts God’s Word and what denies the goodness of salvation by God’s grace alone. A 16th century monk named Martin Luther refused to compromise these truths.”   This was an opening statement of a series of articles on the topic of the Reformation which ran in the local newspapers during the month of September.  Pastor Ken Tubbesing and the Reformation Committee of Martin Luther Church used this project and a variety of others to help us review and increase our knowledge of the importance of the Reformation.   In addition to being printed in the newspapers, the articles are posted on the Martin Luther Church Facebook page during the month of October.  https://www.facebook.com/MartinLutherChurch1902/

A series of “Reformation Anniversary Q & A” was printed in the church bulletin and ran on the sanctuary screens during the weeks leading up to an October 1st special Reformation Celebration Service.  These “Question and Answers” were taken from the catechism and were provided for our review.

During August and September, members participated in the ML500 Children’s Challenge / 500 Fitness Challenge.  MLC members were encouraged to log miles while exercising as a fun project to keep the 500 year anniversary in mind.  The goal of 500 miles was easily surpassed over and over again!    The children’s  “noisy offering” held each Sunday set a goal of $500 in the two  months leading up to the ML 500 Reformation Celebration and the collected amount exceeded the goal reaching $624.  The funds from “noisy offering” are sent to Heifer Project.

Preliminary to the ML500 Celebration on October 1, Pastor Ken delivered a series of sermons, each one with the prefix, “What Luther said about…”

Former members and community members were invited to join us for the October 1st Martin Luther 500 Celebration.  The hymns used at this service were written by Martin Luther and the message of the day commemorated Martin Luther and the Reformation.  The adult and children’s choir provided special music.  The offering was designated to the mission of purchasing catechisms for the Lutheran Church in South Sudan thru the Institute of Lutheran Theology-LCMC.  A meal in the church basement followed the special service.

ML500 Celebration Committee included Roger Hector, Jenny Moerer, Casey Bohling, Susan Piper and Pastor Ken Tubbesing.

May the motto of the Reformation continue to live strong thru Martin Luther Church – “The Word of the Lord Endures Forever!” 

Sola Gratia –Grace Alone;         Sola Fide – Faith Alone;         Sola Scriptura – Scripture Alone!