At dawn, Saturday, March 5, 2016 the sun rose on trucks, harvest equipment, planting equipment, hay, hedge posts and a wide assortment of other machinery, parts and supplies related to agriculture all taken in as consignments for the 15th Annual Martin Luther Church Consignment Sale.

Throughout the seven days previous to sale day, volunteers for Martin Luther Church generously gave of their equipment and their time to check in, log, and line up the wares brought in by consignors for the big sale day. On this day, MLC members are volunteering in full force as they direct the parking, work at the sale rings, grill, and serve food.

The sale grounds were dry as a bone considering that the late winter had brought very little snow or moisture. Temperatures on sale day rose to 60º with just a bare hint of a breeze on this normally windy hill.

A very large number of people attended and in addition to the serious buyers and sellers, some participants came just to socialize or have a piece of pie that this annual event has come to be known for.

As the sale began at 9:30 a.m., the smell of burgers on the grill already filled the air. As the sale progressed with up to three rings throughout the day, sale-goers wandered into the garage to enjoy a meal on their on time-table. The Women of Martin Luther Church served a good choice of items in addition to the pie and burgers to satisfy the hungry participants.

By 4:15, the sale had ended and the orchestration of load-out was well underway and continued on into the evening.   MLC volunteers help with the buyer’s load up of items for the next few days following.

The MLC Consignment Sale is a very large event that only succeeds with the members and friends of MLC volunteering their time and resources. Martin Luther Church is thankful to the surrounding communities who support this project.   God had given us talented people and resources to continue on with this project and then to support charities in need.

Benefactors of  the annual consignment sale and of the food stand these past years have been:

  • – Rescue Squads of Auburn, Tecumseh, Humboldt and Johnson
  • – Back Pack Programs at Johnson-Brock, Auburn, Pawnee         City, Johnson County Central and HTRS schools
  • – SENCA / Meals on Wheels at Auburn and Tecumseh
  • – Local Food Pantries
  • – Neighbor to Neighbor, Nemaha County
  • – Life Skills, Auburn


  • – Homeless Missions in Lincoln and Omaha
  • – Martin Luther Home / Mosaic


  • Heifer International

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