BackPack Program

The BackPack Program’s mission is to help alleviate child hunger in southeast Nebraska by providing hungry children with nutritious and easy to prepare food at times when other resources are not available, such as weekends and school vacations. Martin Luther Church regularly supports the BackPack Program at different times of the year by designated offerings, proceeds from our annual consignment sale, and special projects. This year we have designated our Lenten offerings to be given to the local school BackPack Programs.

Noisy Offering

Noisy offering is a very special part of our worship service each week at Martin Luther Church. During offering our youngest members participate in God’s work by collecting change from church members for their own Sunday School mission projects. It is definitely noisy; from the pattering of many small feet up and down the aisle, to the clanging of the coins deposited in the big silver bowl at the front of the church, to the chuckles of church members. You can’t help but smile and feel the Holy Spirit at work as the children collect the noisy offerings.

Once or twice a year, the children gather together and decide where their collected mission money should be sent.  Most recently, they’ve supported the Heifer International Organization, using the funds to purchase farm animals for families internationally.  The children enjoy “voting” for the animals they will purchase for the families.  Recent  purchases included water buffalo (used in some parts of the word as we would use a tractor) chickens, ducks, geese, goats, sheep, and bees.

Read more about Heifer International here:


The “Sewing Ladies” are another proud organization of the church. They meet weekly except during the summer to sew, tie and/or quilt pieces of fabric together into beautiful blankets that are then sent through Lutheran World Relief to people in need, to local charity organizations, and to local care homes. These past several years, the ladies have graced our young people graduating from high school with blankets to take with them wherever they may venture, remembering along the way the warm memories of growing up in the Martin Luther Church family.